The Loner With Two Tickets

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Angela Stone was coming to town. To all the high school girls in Henderson County, Stone was the best pop singer out there. She had long brown curly hair, a figure to die for and her music rocked. Lisa Goodrick’s father, Allan, was head of the organizing committee that would put up the stage. This meant that she’d receive two free tickets.
She would claim them as soon as he’d returned from her grandmother’s place. He said he’d help her with air conditioning repairs.
Just then Allan walked through the door. The air conditioning repairs had drained him. He did not look like he was in a talking mood and Lisa decided that now was not the right time.After he’d had a shower and was in a more relaxed state of mind Lisa asked him about the tickets. “Oh yeah,” he said, and took them out of a drawer and handed them to her, “I thought you’d want them.” Allan thinks of buying quality cheap air conditioners in Brisbane than repairing it all the time when something is wrong, and he thinks that maybe it’s the time to change her air condition unit.
“Thanks, Dad.” she said and left him alone in the kitchen to eat supper that her mother, Diane, had already put in the fridge.
Lisa didn’t know who she would take with her, she didn’t really get along with any of the girls in her school and was in fact a loner. Diane did not like going to these concerts. “The music’s too loud for my like,” she’s said to Lisa. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel like she wanted to go anymore. Maybe I should even give the tickets away, she thought.
There were many couples and BFFs that would want these tickets. She’d wanted them. Perhaps her cat would like to come.
The concert was a week away. She believed that much could happen in that week and she would find the right person. She wouldn’t tell anyone about the tickets, otherwise they’d all want to be her best friend, but she’d keep a look out.
Rowan van der Kamp was her best friend. But she knew for a fact that he despised Stone. “She can’t really sing,” he’d said, “And she tries to go high but ends up shouting instead. I honestly don’t see what you girls see in her.”
Suddenly she knew what she would do, she was going to go solo. She’d resolved that there was nothing wrong with being alone. She’d enjoy the concert on her own just as much, or even more, than if she would go with someone. And if she went with someone, she may be forced to tag along to some other social gathering and she didn’t want that.