Rule Of Law

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The individuals, a community or a government should act under the law and obey the law and they can’t have arbitrary actions, are considered as the Rule of Law. Furthermore, the law should be clear, stabilized, and applicable to everyone and should protect fundamental rights. However, we can see some exceptional circumstances where the law is mended due to religion and some ethical principles.

Types of Laws
In the world there are numerous types of laws. For example, bankruptcy law, civil law, criminal law, environmental law etc. And we can see that the actions which are taken by authorities change due to the types of laws. If we take criminal law for example, in the world there are sets of crimes which are considered as international criminal laws whose punishments are standard to everyone and everywhere. We can simplify the term international criminal law to three categories such as, cooperation between different regions using extradition, number of countries prohibiting or using the same punishments for certain crimes as a whole and the operation of a sovereign international systems using courts and other mechanisms. The criminal lawyers and solicitors who are specially assigned to these types of cases can be seen all around the world. Johnnie Cochran, Mark Geragos can be considered as the best criminal lawyers and solicitors Perth in the world.

Restriction on Government Powers.
The government, the creator of laws also should obey the stabilized laws in the country. The government is bounded by law. Therefore, the government and its agents cannot use the law in an arbitrary manner means government cannot act according to its own will. The power of the government is distributed among various sectors. This method is used to avoid the corruption and to avoid acting in an arbitrary manner.

Avoid the Corruption
This means the government and the other agencies should not act to benefit themselves. Simply, they should follow the laws and rules which are stabilized in the country. There are three types of corruptions: bribery, too much influence of public or private interests and the corruption of public funds and other resources.

Open Government
Recently, World Justice Project (WJP), the premier step to measure the openness of the government through the experience of the general public and the worldwide perceptions. The criteria to measure the openness of the government are publicized laws and government data, right to information, civic participation and the complaint mechanism. Sweden, New Zealand and Norway have showed the best performance in the WJP Open government Index while Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe have hit the bottom in the index.